Intermediate HTML Tutorial                             Tuesday, 08 January 2002

Woolwich Polytechnic School for Boys

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This Website is an on-line tutorial for teaching you Intermediate HTML coding to assist you in producing webpages.

The 'User Guide' which can be download by clicking either on

  1. the button at the bottom of the page or

  2. by clicking of the button on the right hand side of this page

will provide you with an explanation and more detailed instructions on how to use this tutorial.

The basic navigation (way through this site) is either

  1. by clicking on the topic buttons on the left had side of the page or

  2. by clicking on the forward and backward buttons to move between the topics

The topic pages are divided into four sections as detailed below;

Description Example HTML Code Exercise
Description of the topic

An example of the topic as seen on a web page

The HTML Code associated with the example

Exercises to be undertaken using Notepad to change the HTML code and Internet Explorer to view the changes.

It is assumed that you understand the basic html tags such at <TITLE>, <FONT>, etc  and how to use Notepad to edit HTML code and Internet Explorer to view the web pages.
If you are not familiar, it is recommended that you read both the
(Button at bottom or Right hand side) and undertake the topic to familiarise yourself with the method of working.