HTML Tutorial: Lines


The Basic Line : <HR>

This is a simple, but very effective command to use - it creates a horizontal line, with a little shading which is centred across the page, like this:

It is very useful for dividing a page into sections. By the way HR stands for Horizontal Reference.

Is that all there is to it? Well yes - there aren't any start or end tags, however, there are some attributes you can  use to jazz it up a bit .......

Changing The Width

 You change the width of a line by using the width attribute - the  following commands made the lines above (note you need to use the % sign).  

  • <hr width = 80%>
  • <hr width = 60%>
  • <hr width = 40%>

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Changing The Height

Thicker lines are made with the following commands:


  <HR SIZE="2">

  <HR SIZE="4">

  <HR SIZE="6">

  <HR SIZE="8">

  <HR SIZE="10">

The SIZE attribute = height.

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Aligning the Line


Here I used the ALIGN attribute - the following four commands made the above lines:



Whilst you can say ALIGN="CENTER" its a bit of an overkill as this is the default i.e. what the attribute is set to if you don't specify left or right. 

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Adding Color?     

Easily done with the color attribute - note I'm also using the WIDTH attribute to make lines which span just 60%.   

<HR COLOR="yellow" WIDTH="60%">
<HR COLOR="purple" WIDTH="60%">
<HR COLOR="green" WIDTH="60%">

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Making a Solid Line

If you don't want any shading but a solid line instead then this is the attribute for you ...



<HR COLOR="pink" WIDTH="60%" SIZE="15" NOSHADE>

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Try it out yourself in the box below: