Resource material for the IT PGCE: Assignment 1

This page contains information about the curriculum-based assignment - Assignment 1.


Introduction to assignment 1 Assignment 1 and the Standards for Award of QTS
Detailed information on assignment 1.1 Detailed information on assignment 1.2
Specification for spreadsheet task Specification for database task
Specification for HTML task HTML task- who is doing what
Specification for OCR Unit 2513 Mark scheme for OCR Unit 2513

Introduction to Assignment 1

This is the curriculum-based assignment and has two components:

  1. comparing the coursework requirements of the 'A' level boards and producing material to exemplify the standards for one of them;
  2. a discussion of continuity and progression in the development of pupils' IT capability starting from an extended series of lessons written by you.

Together these components cover aspects of the teaching and learning of IT from Key Stages 3-5.

Detailed information concerning the content and timing of both pieces of coursework can be obtained via the links in the table above.

In addition, the Standards each part of Assignment 1 addresses can be found in the document Assignment 1 and the Standards for award of QTS.

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