Workshop: visualing ideas

On this page you will find resources for the workshop activity 'visualising ideas'.

Introduction What to do


An increasing number of web-based resources allow the user to 'play' - to conduct interactive on-line experiments. These differ greatly in quality and interactivity. In this activity you are asked to evaluate some examples of on-line interactive experiments. The list below contains two examples each of experiments involving: colour; rollercoaster simulations; mechanics; and reflexes.

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What to do

Visit the two sites in the list below on whichever of the topics interests you most, try the on-line experiments and then be prepared to discuss what (if anything) you feel your children would learn from each of them; how (if at all) you feel you would use them in the classroom); and what advantages (if any) you feel this kind of activity has. If you have time you can then visit the sites for other topics.

Exploratorium colour mixing Exploratorium colour illusions
Amusement Park Physics - rollercoaster Discovery Online - rollercoaster
Explore science - mechanics Sodaplay - mechanics
Explore Science - reflex test Exploratorium - reflex test

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