Report on Unify consultancy

This is the index page of the report on the consultancy visit by Tim Brosnan to the Unify team at the University of the North, South Africa.

Nature of the report

This document explains why the report has the form it does.

Details of the consultancy

This is an report on the consultancy which details the context and terms of reference and details the activities undertaken.


This is a timetable of the activities undertaken during the visit.

Pre-visit web-site

This is the web-site that was produced before the visit. It contains links to: an on-line version of an article on the purpose of IT ; an explication of the ways that IT can be used to help students find, evaluate and use scientific information (with links to further examples and tutorials); an explication of the way that modelling can be used to develop students' understanding of aspect of physical chemistry (with links to on-line examples and tutorials); a set of ways examples of the way datalogging can be used in science education (with links to suppliers further examples); a page of references for the use of CAL; and a page of useful Internet link for science education. With the exception of the list of CAL references all these were written by Tim Brosnan

First presentation: Using IT in science education part 1: ideas on what and why

This is the first presentation given to the Unify team. It is a 'map' of the ways in which IT can be used to help people learn science. All the examples were adapted or written to match aspects of the Unify course and all web-pages and computer programmes used were downloaded while in South Africa. (Please note that links from this presentation to downloaded programmes are to the installation files for these programmes - in the talk they were to the programmes themselves.)

Second presentation: Using IT in science education part 2: thoughts on how - present and future

This is the second presentation given to the Unify team. It is an analysis of their present situation and future options regarding: people (staffing); integration of IT and science; hardware; software; and systems. It concludes with a series of recommendations.

Material produced/left with the Unify team

Here you will find an index of of additional materials left on the computer system of the Unify team, linked to the appropriate item.

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