Unify materials: Science Links

On this page you will find a number of links organised roughly by topic. Please note that both the content and existence of internet sites changes at an alarming rate so some of the links may be broken or lead to unexpected content.

Please let me know of any sites that you feel should be removed and any that should be added.

National Curriculum

Exam boards

General Science





Museums of Science and Technology

National Curriculum

The National Curriculum on-line

The Use of ICT in Subject Teaching

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Exam boards

In this section you will find links to GCSE , GNVQ 'A' level examination syllabi, papers, reports and assessment support. The NEAB material can be downloaded directly from the relevant pages but you will have to register with Edexcel before you can access their numerous electronic publications. However, this is free and the resources available make it worthwhile.

The OCR site has the syllabi for both Salters chemistry and 'Advancing Physics' - as well as the 'traditional' 'A' level courses.

Edexcel electronic publications

NEAB Science

NEAB Chemistry


NEAB Biology

NEAB Physics

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General Science

Association for Science Education

Science Website Reviews

The Teacher Scientist Network

UK Schools: Science Resources

Schools Online Project - Science

The Why Files

Science in Action

New Scientist


Ask Dr. Universe

Explore Science - amazing on-line interactive activities
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Institute of Physics

Advancing Physics

Crocodile Clips

Physics Links

The Wizard's Lab

PPARC Resources for Schools

The Nine Planets


Solar System Live

Space Science Links (including links to NASA pages)

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UK Weather From the UK Meteorological Office

The Met.Office Home Page

BBC Weather Pages

World Meteorological Organization

Making a Weather Station

Weather satellite pictures

Meteo France

USA Today Weather News


Friends of the Earth

Department of Environment

Environmental Links

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RSC Education


Journal of Chemical Education


Chemistry resource locator (RSC)

Chemistry Online at Oxford

Web Elements

Chemistry Links

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Roslin Institute Online

Human Genome Project

Zoological Society of London

Toronto Virtual Zoo

Wellcome Trust

Biology Links

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Museums of Science / Technology

The Science Museum, London

Natural History Museum

The Exploratorium

Smithsonian Institution

The Franklin Institute Science Museum

Berkeley Museum of Paleontology

Hands-on Science Centres Worldwide

The Field Museum of Natural History

The Computer Museum

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

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