Introduction to the session

On this page you will find an introduction to the MA session and links to the workshop activities.

Introduction to the session Introduction to the workshop Workshop activities

Introduction to the workshop

The new technologies can be used in a wide variety of ways to help teach and learn science. In this workshop we will explore a number of these opportunities - and discuss the challenges their use poses to teachers and pupils. The focus of the activities is primarly on the use of large information resources but there are also activities which involve the use of a variety of modelling tools.

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Workshop activities

The links below are to the pages of the various activities offered in this workshop.

The first 90 minutes of the workshop will be an opportunity to do some of the activities - and discuss its possible classroom use with others doing the same activity. The final 30 minutes of the workshop will be a plenary discussion to try share thoughts ideas and experiences.

Although you will not have time to do all the activities in the workshop, this page will be available after the session so that (if you wish) you can revisit it and try any of the others which interest you.

Activity Contents
Find information Using both search engines and 'portal' sites to search for useful information
Collect information Using datalogging hardware to collect and model experimental data
Evaluate information Using a pro-forma to evaluate web-based resources
Explore ideas Using a spreadsheet to explore your own ideas and those of others
Visualise ideas Using web-based 'experiments' to help visulalise physical phenomena
Communicate Using Word to create your own multimedia resources

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