MA in ICT in Education:
Design and Use of Interactive Multimedia

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Web Authoring



Fireworks Gifs Powerpoint

Web Authoring

IoE on-line web-authoring support

Canterbury FrontPage tutorial

FrontPage tutorial (MS &ACT360)

WebMonkey Dreamweaver

Macromedia DreamWeaver centre

Ambleside Internet lessons
W3 Basic HTML tutorial W3 Advanced HTML Tutorial NCSA Beginners Guide to HTML

Barebones guide to HTML

Page Resource HTML Pit Stop

Yale web-style guide (web)

W3C's CSS site W3 Style Sheet Tutorial Webmonkey CSS tutorial
HTML writer's CSS FAQ page All Souls School  
Tim's Flash tutorials Tygh - Flash in schools Flashamateurs
Flash resources WebMonkey Flash page Macromedia Flash centre
Flash Kit Flash Planet Flashkit
Fireworks resources WebMonkey Fireworks Macromedia Fireworks centre
MediaBuilder - for gifs, fonts etc .MS Gif animator (.exe)  
IS 'Introductory PowerPoint' IS 'Advanced PowerPoint' Canterbury PowerPoint 2000 tutorial
PowerPoint and the Web PowerPoint Resource Centre PowerPoint Tips and Tricks

PowerPoint FAQ

PowerPoint Sound Archive

Powerpoint 97 tutorial (ACT360)



Hyperstudio home page

Learning Circuit case study

IS 'Using Hyperstudio'

Hyperstudio player (.zip)

Hyperstudio plug-in

Quicktime 4 plug-in

Tim's example using Hyperlogo

Earth Science stacks (web)

Periodic Table stack

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