Date Update
16/06/02 The address of the CLC we are visiting tomorrow has been added to the 'Timetable' page, with a link to showing the location.I have added Harvey' Mellar's presentation to the 'Timetable' page.
15/06/02 I have added a link to the presentation Nikki Davis will use in her talk on Monday
10/06/02 The KS3 pilot material has been added in preparation for Tuesday's session

I have updated the link to skills test 'General' page - which has been changed yet again.........

08/05/02 I have put up more details on the summer term programme.

Ofsted have fixed the broken link to the "ICT in Schools: effect of government initiatives" - see below. It is
To see what has changed recently - and what has not - you could compare this report with that issued last year "ICT in Schools: the impact of government initiatives" which is at

  I have added a link to BECTa's on-line conference "Transforming management and learning with ICT " which runs 1-2 May. If this is as interesting as the last on-line conference BECTa ran, it should be very worthwhile. Please note that you *must* register - and it is very advisable to do this *early* as the last conference 'filled up' well before the start date.

Information on the Career Entry Profiles is now available and I have put a link to the site on the PGCE course Home Page. You can download the documents from there and I have also put them on to this server - links again on the Home Page.
The CEP is an important document as it will form the basis for your support/targets at the start of your induction year. It will be filled in following your return to the IoE and will take account of the comments on your report from PTE 2 school - so it is a good idea to look at the CEP documentation when discussing your report with your tutor.

12/04/02 Ofsted have released what, according to the papers, is a very interesting report "ICT in Schools: effect of government initiatives". I would like to tell you more but the link to it from the Ofsted wesite is broken - the link from leads to "M:\Internet\public\docs02\ictinschools.pdf" - presumably a place on one of their local servers. This page also 'locks you into it' so that the 'back button effectively does not work. All good examples of the use of ICT. Ho hum....

As another good example of the use of the Internet, the TTA has changed its links to information on the Literacy, Numeracy and ICT tests - so I have updated the links from the course Home Page. I *do* wish government depts would stop doing this - the week before I went to Brasil I checked (and bookmarked) links to the 30 or so Becta, Ofsted, TTA and DfES documents I would be making reference to - and by the time I had got there just about half of these had either changed or disappeared.

07/03/02 I have received a new edition of McWeeney's Relational database book (which was written with Access 97 in mind) plus a version written for Access 2000. Acrobat versions of these can be found from the +16 resources section of the site.
25/02/02 More information on the KS3 ICT Strategy is now available - and reading this could prove useful for interviews. The index to the ICT FAQ is a good place to start.
  Also there is a very useful (and short) paper on 'Effective use of the Plenary' which you should download and read. It will help you make more effective use of plenary sessions, especially (but not exclusively) at the end of lessons.
19/02/02 To bring to your attention two recently published and important documents. One is the annual Ofsted subject report for (the subject) ICT in secondary schools. The other is the (subject) ICT part of the Ofsted paper 'Good teaching good departments'. These can be downloaded via the links above and/or from the Ofsted website and are useful both in their own right and to help you place the teaching of IT in your PTE schools in a national context - e.g. for assignment 1.2.
18/02/02 The revised lesson plans for Scheme of Work 'B' and 'C' have been added.
13/02/02 Randall's list of 'Advanced features' you would expect to see in an 'A' level project have been added to the page for yesterday's session.
  The schemes of work page has been updated to include the latest versions of the lesson plans etc.
12/02/02 The papers and mark schemes used in today's morning session have been added to the site. (For obvious reasons they were not put up before the session!) They can be accessed from here; from the Curriculum Session timetable and the Post 16 index.
11/02/02 The schemes of work (and associated resource materials) produced in today's session have been added to the 'Session Products' index.
  The materials Elizabeth Doyle used in her session on vocational qualifications have been posted to this site. They can be accessed from here; from the Curriculum Session timetable and the Post 16 index.
25/01/02 The link to the KS3 Strategy site has been updated and a link added to the 'Stockton Train' KS3 assessment materials (from both here and the Resources/National Curriculum link) - which will be used in the KS3 Assessment session.
21/01/02 Note the changes to the timetable for the two weeks between PTE 1 and 2.
  In the session on 'Job applications and interviews we will video 2 of you being 'interviewed'. For this we need volunteers to be interviewed and to do the interviewing - role playing the headteacher, HoD etc. First come first served! (Note that I will supply the questions for the interview panel.)
14/12/01 Change to timetable for 17th December. Much of the planned work on differentiation has been done in other sessions - and we will recap on this, the better to pull it together in the break between the two periods of PTE.

Please download, consider carefully and then complete the 'Christmas Profile' form - which is also available from the timetable for the 17th.

Initially (on Monday) do this yourself, then (if possible) discuss it with your SCT and incorporate their comments before e-mailing it to me before Christmas. I will read them over the vacation and send back some suggestions for training targets for the remainder of PTE 1 in the first week of next term.

Please note: It is NOT expected that you will be good at everything - yet. In particular, most people will still have a long way to go in the MARRA section - and for them this will be the focus of developmental targets for PTE 1. So - when considering your targets, I suggest that you focus primarily on the areas in 'Subject knowledge' and 'Lesson planning and class management'. If there are already indications of areas of strength in other aspects, then please highlight these, but the main initial task is to ensure that your lesson planning (and evaluation) and class management are strong.

10/12/01 Change to timetable for 17th Dec and advance warning of a Wednesday session
  Next weekend (15-16 DEC) the Institute is updating to Windows 2000. It is also changing its default browser to IE. The font sizes and table widths used on this site are currently optimised for Netscape and will require alteration - in particular a reduction in font sizes. One result of these changes is that the site will be much harder to read in Netscape.