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On this page you will find links to the initial resources for Institute-based sessions.
During the year the content and timing of these sessions may change from those currently displayed in order to accommodate your needs, but all changes to the timetable will be identified on this page.
Many of the pages relating to the teaching of the IT National Curriculum have the same structure, and there is an introduction which explain this and an overview of the topics, misconceptions and teaching points addressed in these sessions.

Index - weeks

Term 1
Term 2
Term 3

Term 1: weeks 1 - 14
Week No. W/B Monday Tuesday


17 Sept

Introduction to each other and to the course

Meeting the standards for Award of QTS: assignments and PTE

Exchanging 1: Publicising yourself

Finding out 1: Finding Internet resources


24 Sept  

Why teach IT? : Rationales for IT in schools.

How to teach IT?: Models and mapping.

Lesson planning 1: Introduction to planning and evaluation

Discussion of Initial profile tasks – and planning tasks for the rest of the year


1 Oct  

Reviewing and modifying 1: Evaluating web sites

Exchanging 2: 'A' level

Developing ideas 1: Logo and on-screen control.

Reviewing and Modifying 2: Issues in using the Internet in schools


8 Oct

Exchanging 3: PSE presentations

Reviewing and modifying 3: pupils evaluating their own work

Developing ideas 2: Constructing a computer-controlled model.

Planning for observation and pupil shadowing.


15 Oct

Debrief on visit to 1st PTE school.

Finding out 2: Data validation

In PTE School 1


22 Oct


Finding out 3: Which database?

Finding out 4: Planning 'Finding out' lessons

Finding out 5: 'A' level

Progression from KS2 to KS3

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Term 1: week 8 - 14


29 Oct


Developing ideas 3: Making and evaluating spreadsheet models

Developing ideas 4: 'A' level


5 Nov

Discussion of first week of PTE

Developing ideas 5: Datalogging


12 Nov

Exchanging 4: Making a course newspaper

ICT and IT 1: Using ICT in the teaching and learning of IT


19 Nov

Exchanging 5: Multimedia using HyperStudio

Discussion of PTE issues


26 Nov

Marking and assessment in IT

ICT and IT 2: Using ICT to assess pupils


3 Dec 

Coursework support

Discussion of PTE issues


10 Dec

IT and Special Educational Needs




  17 Dec

'Christmas Profile'


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Term 2: Weeks 20 - 21


4 Feb

Lesson planning 2: differentiation

Focus on learning objectives and assessment

Vocational Qualifications in ICT

Job applications and interviews


11 Feb Lesson planing 3: Planning and creating a Scheme of Work for KS 3


Issues in assessing ‘A’ level IT

Knowledge audit and assignment 1


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Term 3: weeks 33 - 36


27 May

Coursework tutorials  

Career Entry Profiles / ICT Profile / Professional Development Portfolio

Coursework tutorials

Career Entry Profiles / ICT Profile / Professional Development Portfolio


10 June

Career Entry Profiles / ICT Profile / Professional Development Portfolio

Additional skills day 1

Career Entry Profiles

New ideas in ICT day 1: Update on the KS 3 Strategy


17 June 

New ideas in IT day  2: 
Prof. Niki Davies
Stephen Davies (ICT Advisor Camden)
Harvey Mellar

New ideas in ICT day 3: Visit to Waltham Forest's City Learning Centre
Waltham Forest City Learning Centre, 144 Billet Road London E17 5DR


24 June 

Additional skills day 2 :


‘Showing and sharing’

The NQT year

End of course evaluation

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