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Key Stage 3 Intermediate Information
Communication Technology 2002

A Guide to Creating Basic Web Pages
for the year 7 Booklet how to use HTML

Simply follow the first six stages to learn how to create your first Web Page. Click on the HOME button when you want to return to this page. Stage 7 offers various suggestions for those of you who wish to learn more.

Of course - you do not have to use this Guide if you already know how to create web pages using HTML!

Introduction: What is a Web Page and What is HTML all about?
Stage 1:  Load a Text Editor and Create a Basic Web Page.
Stage 2: View your page in a Browser (Use this method if the TEST button does not work.)
Stage 3: Adding a Title and changing the Background.
Stage 4: Using and Modifying Text, Content and using Paragraphs.
Stage 5: Adding Text with Special Effects to Your Web Page!
Stage 6: Question and Answer Session.
Stage 7: What Next or Where do I go to Learn More.

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