HTML Tutorial: Lists


Setting up email links from your page:

You may want your readers to send you an email with some feedback or information. If you do, you need to use the mailto command in your link.

<A HREF="">Click here to email me</A>

The format for the link is very similar to that of a text link - the text that appears on the screen is between the <A> and <A/> tags, but instead of referring to a web address, HREF is set to the mailto command.

Note also that the e-mail address of the recipient (the person you're sending the email to) follows the ":" immediately - there is no space

When selected the mailto command should pop up an e-mail screen, addressed to me, ready for you to type in your e-mail and send. Try it ... Email Me!

Don't forget, if you use this command in your page, please swop your email address for mine!

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