Resource material for the IT PGCE:
curriculum session materials

On this page you will find resource materials for the Institute-based curriculum sessions.There is an explanation of the organisation of the pages dealing with the strands of the IT National Curriculum and an overview of the topics, misconceptions and teaching points for each of the sessions related to strands of the National Curriculum.


Curriculum session timetable 'Developing ideas' strand 'Exchanging and sharing' strand
'Finding things out' strand 'Reviewing & modifying' strand Marking and assessment
Post 16 IT and SEN ICT in IT
Lesson planning Other curriculum sessions Classroom examples

Developing ideas and making things happen
Developing ideas 1: Logo and on-screen control Developing ideas 2: Constructing a computer-controlled model Developing ideas 3: Making and evaluating spreadsheet models
Developing ideas 4: 'A' level Developing ideas 5: Datalogging Using models in Chemistry
Exchanging and sharing information
Exchanging 1: Publicising yourself Exchanging 2: 'A' level Exchanging 3: PSE presentations
Exchanging 4: Making a course newspaper Exchanging 5: Multimedia using HyperStudio An example of exchanging information via e-mail
Finding things out
Finding out 1: Finding Internet resources Finding out 2: Data validation Finding out 3: Which database?
Finding out 4: Planning lessons Finding out 5: 'A' level Internet Search Tools-Quick Reference
Reviewing, modifying and evaluating
R&M 1: Evaluating websites R&M 2: Issues in using the Internet in schools R&M 3: Evaluating your own work
R&M 4: Digital divides R&M 5: 'A' level CD-Rom evaluation form
Marking and assessment
Marking and assessment in IT Using ICT to assess pupils in IT Issues in assessing IT at KS3
Issues in assessing IT at KS4 Vocational qualifications in ICT Issues in assessing A level IT
Post 16    
Developing ideas 4: 'A' level Exchanging 2: 'A' level Finding out 5: 'A' level
R&M 5: 'A' level Vocational qualifications in ICT Issues in assessing A level IT
ICT in IT    
ICT and IT 1: Using ICT in the teaching and learning of IT ICT and IT 2: Using ICT to assess pupils  
Lesson planning, organisation and management
LP1: Introduction to lesson planning and evaluation LP 2: Planning for differentiation LP 3: Creating a Scheme of Work for KS 3
Index to web-authoring lesson plans Index to KS3 Schemes of Work  
Other curriculum sessions
Meeting the Standards Why teach IT? How to teach IT?
Planning the year's tasks Coursework planning Planning for observation and pupil shadowing
Progression from KS2 to KS3 Career Entry Profiles Additional skills days

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